Julia Gibson

With twenty four years teaching pregnant women in Tasmania, Julia has extensive experience in working with prenatal, birth and postnatal yoga. She is deeply committed to encouraging women and couples to approach labour with confidence, trust and a positive mental attitude and her classes nurture and support women through this rite of passage to motherhood. Julia offers the heart felt, wisdom inspired practises of Yoga, infused with the fluidity and joy of her Birthlight training to create a wholistic framework for Belly Bliss courses. Julia is a Senior (level 3) Teacher with Yoga Australia.  

Julia has practised yoga and meditation for many years. Her personal practice is underpinned by an integral approach to the body, breath and mind and by the idea that "Breath returns me to centre. Nature nurtures my spirit. Finding moments of stillness each day… These are aspirations to creating balance and harmony in my self, for my family, and towards my community."
Julia believes the diverse experiences of life as a mother, traveller, actor, drama teacher, human rights advocate and passion for living sustainably on the earth all contribute to who she is and how she works with yoga. Over the years Julia has enjoyed teaching yoga for schools, government agencies, festivals, adult education, community organisations and in the workplace she has also taught yoga for the Aboriginal Health Service. Her specialisation in pregnancy and postnatal yoga grew with her own experience of practising yoga through two very different pregnancies and births and it is with much joy and a deep respect for this time in a woman's life that  Belly Bliss Yoga was created.

“You have a gift of making each student feels special, giving each of us the time and positive energy to think about and address the experience of pregnancy and birth for the wonderful part of life it is.”

— Hilary (Teacher)

“I still miss your classes. They were very special food for the body and the soul, and I try to carry – and practise – your lessons of mindfulness, quiet, space for 'being', gratitude and acceptance with me each and every day.”

— Natalie (Senior Research Scientist)

“I think Julia's been wonderful - very caring and compassionate. Also quietly informative and affirming of natural birth practices and trust in our female bodies”

— Andrea (Physiotherapist)