This workshop is an opportunity for couples to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for labour and birth. Empowered with knowledge and a deeper understanding of the process of labour, women and their birth partners can approach childbirth with confidence and clarity. A "toolkit" of yoga inspired, practical skills are explored so that couples can familiarise themselves with a range of techniques which will be effectively accessed during labour and birth.

The workshop will include:

  • What to expect during the different stages of labour

  • How to create a positive physical and emotional environment

  • Movement to reduce stress

  • Breathing skills to stay calm and focussed

  • Positions for an active labour and birth

  • The power of vocalisation

  • Natural forms of pain relief

  • Massage techniques to ease discomfort

  • Relaxation skills to enhance the natural flow of hormones

  • The birthing breath

  • The role of a supportive birth partner

Schedule & fees

Preparing for Birth with Yoga — 
A one off workshop for couples

Friday 8th November
5.30 - 7.30
$75 per couple
Please bring a fit ball




Hara Studio
25 Weld St, South Hobart



“I strongly believe that keeping active in labour and using the kind of techniques that Julia suggests in her classes can avoid the need for medical analgesia… There's something about the practice itself that ensures it comes back to you when the labour is blocking more conscious thought. The classes, infused with Julia's warm personality, were great fun”

— Helen (Obstetrician and mother of two)

“We really enjoyed Julia's birth class. It was fun and informative. My partner says he now feels more prepared for the birth, particularly in how to support me with different positioning at various stages of labour. Julia helped to demystify the birth process and give us confidence.”

— Arwen (Photographer and Therapist)

“Julia's Yoga changed my life. It prepared us in so many ways for the birth of our baby, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

— Angie (Child carer)