Specialising in pregnancy, birth and postnatal yoga


Belly Bliss Yoga supports women through the journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and into motherhood.
The inspiring practices of yoga offer the key to health, vitality and joy at this precious time.
Courses are offered in Hobart, Tasmania and commence regularly.

Pregnancy yoga

Postures for vitality and ease. Breathing for inner balance. Deep relaxation and time to connect with your baby. Essential skills that help lead to an empowered birth.

Birth yoga

Practical skills for couples to approach labour and birth with clarity and confidence. Explore together positions, breathing and relaxation for the different stages of labour.

Mums and bubs yoga

Yoga brings calm into the life of a mother. Revitalise your energy, re-tone your body, take time for gentle nurturing and enjoy peaceful relaxation with your baby.

“Julia's pregnancy yoga and mums and bubs yoga classes are a wonderful way to connect with your body, your baby, and other like minded mothers. She creates a beautiful space and I whole heartedly recommend the classes to anyone.” 

– Clara (Midwife and Mum)