The practise of yoga can greatly enhance your sense of health and enjoyment during pregnancy. Gentle stretches help release physical discomfort and keep your body toned whilst many of the yoga postures are energising and may be used to encourage a natural, active birth. 

The focus on breath awareness and deep relaxation will help you cope with the emotional changes you experience, encourage you to tune in to your intuition for labour and empower you to cope with the intensity of birth. 

Interwoven into each class are themes integral to the experience of wellbeing during pregnancy and birth. These include trusting your innate wisdom, connecting with the presence of your baby, embracing your pregnant form, postural alignment, optimal foetal positioning, finding a positive resolve, pelvic floor awareness and acknowledging and releasing fears. The course also provides the opportunity for women to share stories and feelings about pregnancy and birthing in an open, supportive environment. 

This course is open to you at any stage of your pregnancy with no previous experience of yoga necessary. Many women choose to commence classes early in pregnancy and continue up until the arrival of their baby.

Schedule & fees

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
Term four: Tuesdays
Commencing 22nd October
5.30–7pm (9 weeks)
Cost: $167

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth  
Term Four: Thursdays:
commencing 24th October
4.15-5.45pm (9 weeks)
Cost: $167

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth
Term Three: Tuesdays commencing 23rd July
5.30–7pm (10 weeks)
Cost: $185

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth  
Term Three Thursdays: commencing 25th July
4.15-5.45pm (10 weeks)
Cost: $185


Hara Studio
25 Weld St, South Hobart



“Julia is a gifted and knowledgeable yoga teacher who offers a profound preparation for birth and life with your baby, all the way empowering you to feel calm and connected”

— Natalie (University Lecturer)

“I knew the benefits of yoga for both mind and body but Belly Bliss yoga provided so much more. I got to spend time with an amazing group of women, share pregnancy experiences and to focus on the beautiful life growing inside me.”

— Samantha (Manager, State Public Service)

Yoga helps you to let go of the pressures of work and prepares you for the gentleness of motherhood. The relaxation and breathing techniques were particularly helpful.”

— Phillida (Midwife)