Yoga is an inspiring way to nurture yourself after the birth of a child. At a time when naturally so much of your energy is devoted to your newborn baby it is also important to look after yourself.

Strengthening exercises provide the opportunity for retoning the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. Yogic postures are energising, help to alleviate physical tension and encourage you to be aware of your alignment whilst feeding and carrying your baby. Mindful breathing and deep relaxation bring a sense of calm and balance into your life as a mother. 

Coming together to practise yoga with other mums and babies is supportive, fun and affirming. Sharing experiences of the joys and challenges of a new baby is integral to the experience of mothering.

You are welcome to join level one as soon after the birth as you feel ready to. For some this will be within a few weeks, for others it will be longer. Level two is stronger and more dynamic so requires a degree of postpartum recovery before attending. During class your baby is with you while you participate. 

Schedule & fees

Mums and Bubs (foundation)
Term Three
commencing Thursday 25th July: 
11.15am–12.45pm, 10 classes, Cost $185
Suitable for women who have recently given birth, including those who have experienced a c-section. Also appropriate for those with no previous yoga experience.

Mums and Bubs Yoga (progressive)
Term Three
commencing 25th July
1—2.30pm, 10 sessions, Cost $185
Suitable for those women who have attended level one or those with more experience of yoga and who have recovered well from birth.


Hara Studio
25 Weld St, South Hobart



“Mums and Bubs yoga was magic. A safe haven amid the chaos of life with a newborn, to move gently and connect with other mums. It was the highlight of my week.”

— Bianca (Community Services Worker and mother of two)

“Postnatal yoga has been a wonderful oasis in my week. To take time to reconnect to my body, feel strong and calm and rejoice in the bond with my baby.”

— Emma (GP and mother of three)

“I always came away feeling energised and happy. Julia's teaching is brilliant.”

— Zoe (Field Officer and Mum)